This is one of the last remaining indie music venues in Los Angeles. No, it is not The Whiskey. No, it is not The Troubadour. No, it is not The Roxy. And, that is a good thing. The Mint is a music space all its own. Located on Pico Boulevard, it is well removed from the industry hotspots of LA. Basically, it is just a building in the center of the block. What The Mint has to offer is a great space to listen to those up-and-coming bands and those superstars who want to test out some new music. You never know who you’ll see here. The atmosphere here is small, but that does not mean that it is not inviting. It has the vibe of an old speakeasy or something along those lines. Thus, the atmosphere suits the music you will see hear very well. Overall, a nice place to go and listen to those bands that you will find nowhere else.

We had a FREAKINMONSTERSIZEDAWESOMEHELLUVATIME!!!!   Thanks for taking such good care of us all the time.  I know you take care of everyone equally as good, but you have the gift of making us feel special.  I freakin’ LOVE The Mint and it will always have a special place in my “party heart”.  You guys really “get it”.  I choose you ANY DAY over the big venues and some of the smaller ones to.  You have managed to capture that ole skool “jook joint/jazz club” vibe.  Don’t ever change. Love y’all and thanks again!

– True D (Trudi Taylor)

Since I don’t do Yelp I had to at least email to say what a wonderful time we had last Sunday night.  Everything was just so relaxing and enjoyable.  The doorman was polite, Sarah was courteous, and the servers were very attentive.  The food and drink were great.  I was amazed how well the music sounded.  Big kudos to the soundman, we’ve been to see Savoy Brown nine times in other venues and never did the music flow so well as at the Mint.  We love Kim Simmonds, but the mix really brought Pat’s bass out.  Once again, thanks for an enjoyable evening.  We’ll be back.

– Mike and Mimi Carpenter

 I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you kindness and generosity last night.  If that were the outcome in every situation, better believe I would try to get involved in a lot more screw-up….but we both know that doesn’t happen anywhere else because they don’t have your “cordialità” nature.

The show was incredible, but I gotta tell you, the venue worked its magic, intensifying the intimate atmosphere. Ane’s fans really expect to be shoulder to shoulder, like one of her street performances, so her spirit and sense of life can flow through the entire audience. At The Mint, that flow surged with each song.

You and Todd have to be very proud of such a unique LA venue……no phony glitz….just bein’ real….like the real people.

Now that I’ve found such a comfortable setting to see and hear (btw the sound was perfect, filling the room without assaulting the ears) I’m looking forward to seeing the artists that speak to me in a place like home.

Again, thank you for the hospitality and being such a lovely person.

– Bob Delaney

Had an absolute blast and a special shout out to Liz – the bartender – for top notch service on a very crowded Friday night Drinks were just right Music was poppppin Atmosphere Back to Liz She’s glorious The mint is awesome Definitely coming back For Liz! (Fernet with a ginger back) 

Amazing music lounge and bar. Awesome variety of music as well, from jazz, R&B, Alternative, and contemporary music. Great!