Performing Bands Information

We are excited to have you at the Mint!

Just as a reminder, we expect you to advertise/promote to the best of your ability. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know! 

Please review your confirmation email for important information about set time, ticket pricing and payout, and other info.

Please send all marketing materials to Beth at and let her know if you have any questions.


Most Important:

  • A photo in square size (1080×1080 but 365×365 minimum) – best for our website and Instagram 
  • A BRIEF bio (please try to keep it to one paragraph – and include a description of your music – for example “R&B with a funk flair” “Socal surf punk” “Roots Rock N’Roll”, “Americana Pop” )  Also, a sounds like or major music influences are very helpful for our promotion.
  • Website or linktree link.
  • Any social links (any or all that you would like to share of the below):
  • Instagram – so we can tag you.  Also please tag @themintla on your posts and stories for easy sharing.  We especially love if you include your music on your story/post. If you would like to arrange a collab post, please email Lauren at
  • FB – again to tag – if you create an event, please add @mintla as a co-host and send us a link to your event.
  • Twitter – link
  • Spotify – a link to the song you prefer to be added to our playlist
  • TikTok – link
  • Any other links/ new release music info etc you would like to share.

Please be sure to tag @themintla on IG or @mintla on FB/Twitter for easy sharing. We specifically request that you IG story day before/day of show with a ticket link and tag us so we can easily share.

In Addition:

  • Any other photos you would like to include (great for our social media postings)
  • If you would like to be featured on our screens inside the club, please provide a 1920×1080 high res graphic featuring your band and the date of show.
  • A physical poster (see below)
  • Any flyers you have created for your event (so we can share on social)
  • A short video clip (like<30 seconds to share on our IG stories)
  • Create A Facebook event: please add @mintla as a cost and email the event link to so we can accept your invitation and add you to our calendar.

Marketing Materials:

If you need some choices for the Mint logo – you can find them here:

(Feel free to change the color to match your materials, we just ask that the Marquee and/or the font stay intact so it is recognizable).

Connect With Marketing:

If you would like to arrange for a cross-post on IG, please email Lauren at



**Posters in 11×17 (we recommend 5-10 to post around the club – five being minimum and 10 being all surfaces).

**Flyers (your choice of size, but really we prefer the electronic route) for flyers.


Drop by: You are welcome to bring your posters or flyers to club prior to your show.

Mail: Printed posters to

ATTN: Eloy, 6010 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

(DO NOT mail in a tube, we have a wide mail slot, so please use a large envelope)

We can pick up:

If you need a printer, we recommend Genesis Printing for all your poster/flyer/printing needs.

Say The Mint referred you.

They are located at 5872 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

phone -323.965.7935

email –

We do weekly pickups here, so if you would like to have Genesis do your printing, we can pick up your posters/flyers for placement in the club.  Please just email Beth to let us know when they are ready and we’ll grab them on our next pick up.



For all production, recording, and merch inquires, please email


Production will advance you around 7-14 days prior to your show.  Please search for an email from (these emails often go to a spam or promotional folder). If you have questions before you get your advance (or have not received one), please email production.

Backline can be found on our Tech Specs Page.

If you have additional questions on things not covered, please be sure to include your date of performance and band name when emailing.

We also offer filming and/or recording packages for your set.  For more information, please visit our band recording packages page.


We do not take a percentage of your merch sales.  Please let production know when responding to your advance if you need a large table set up (small area is usually provided most dates).

We can provide a merch seller for you, but require AT LEAST 72 HOURS NOTICE.  The fee is $100 for up to 5 hours and $25/hr thereafter.  Email to request a merch seller.