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387 Music Entertainment presents: March 21

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387 Music Entertainment presents: March 21 Thursday, March 21, 2013 08:00 PM The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
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  • Ticket Price : $10.00
  • Door Time: 7:30 PM
  • Restrictions: ALL AGES

$10 OVER 21 / $15 UNDER 21
Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Johnny Hi-Fi

    Johnny Hi-Fi

    With appearances on the House of Blues Tour, the Beijing Pop Festival, MTV, Billboard Magazine, CBS News, and the NY Times, Johnny Hi-Fi has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, with their haunting melodies and singer songwriter sensibility, fused with an alternative rock edge. The band is currently gearing up for shows in the U.S. and abroad, are shooting a new music video and are working on their 4th album, to be released next year.

  • HasKaLa


    So what is "HaSkaLA"? Valid question Comrade!
    Haskala means "Enlightenment" in Hebrew, and that's just what this brand spankin' new L.A.-based ska band aims to do: illuminate your mind, set fire to your soul- and most importantly do it all while making you dance!
    Frontman Steven Schub summarizes the choice of band name thusly: "Let's see, ya got the sound of laughter- "Ha", the word "Ska" snuck in there, and our home city of L.A. HaSkaLA is all about all three: Laughter, Ska and bringing Joy, Mirth & Madness to the City of Angels".
    Well, HaSkaLA is well on their way to accomplishing this self-imposed merry mission! HaSkaLA appeared on the Ska Stage of The Vans Warped Tour in 2010, converting almost 1000 kids a day into hard-core "Ha-Heads", and attracting Guest Appearances by Fishbone's Angelo Moore and Dave McWane of Big D and The Kids Table. HaSkaLA's debut CD "Untethered & Undone" sold-out on CDBaby within 24 hours and is a current "Staff Pick" at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.
    In 2012 HaskaLA re-entered the studio, recording two new singles, "The Revolt" & "Never Give Up" (aka "Like Churchill Said") and played an endless series of packed shows at some of L.A.'s most prestigious venues: Molly Malone's, DiPiazza's, The Airliner, The Mint, a Benefit for the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life", an All Ages acoustic show for toddlers & their parents at Giggles N' Hugs, and on Sunday May 27th, HaSkaLA will launch the "Summer of Ska" opening for Mod/Ska legends The Untouchables at the World Famous "Whisky A Go-Go" on the Sunset Strip!

  • Anabot


    Time travel is possible, and it’s exactly what she was built to do. It’s 1888 and while little are known about Anabots to those on the periphery of government circles, rumors swirl of inventions that are half robot, half human, made to blend in with society for time travel. Their purpose is simple: act as agents who travel through time to influence events for the benefit of their nation. The Anabot you see here is the first successful model engineered, the prototype. She is not made to be a part of humanity, but instead blend in with it: not feel emotions, but emulate them…until her software goes haywire on a mission and she mysteriously begins to feel things…regret, anger, and even (dare she say?) love. She feels human, but is not. Is robot, but feels not. Caught between these two forms, and attempting to shield these changes from The Engineer (her creator), she tries to conduct her missions normally in spite of her newly engendered feelings. These are her adventures. So whether you find yourself with her in 1922, 1966, or 2013, it’s time to fly, Time Travellers…

  • Lowly Spects

    Lowly Spects

    Lowly Spects is quickly becoming one of Orange County's most iconic folk groups, fronted by musical powerhouse Ethan Hulse, the band is working on a Freshman EP and has already been asked to headline Anaheim's House of Blues, LA's Satellite and many other Southern Californian staple taste making music venues. Nominated for best new band by OC weekly, it's safe to say that Lowly Spects are on the precipice of making some waves in America's largest music market.

  • The Neighborhood Bullys

    The Neighborhood Bullys

    Your mind is far, far away, lost in the PUNK ROCK SOUL ness that is the Neighborhood Bullys, Complete with candy-chords and lyrics that you instantly sing out even though this is your first time. You are swept away, just like your first time. You can't even remember what's-his-name, all you can ask is... How did that guy learn to sing? That's when it double hits you, this ain't no ordinary band. This is the Neighborhood Bullys.

Set Times:
  • 08:00 PM - Johnny Hi-Fi
  • 08:55 PM - HasKaLa
  • 09:55 PM - Anabot
  • 10:45 PM - Lowly Spects
  • 11:45 PM - The Neighborhood Bullys

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