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Porcelain Hill / Thee Invention / Protocol / The Ivories / Late Night Union

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Porcelain Hill / Thee Invention / Protocol / The Ivories / Late Night Union
Saturday, February 24, 2018 8:15 PM
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 21 & over
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  • When: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018 8:15 PM (Doors open at 7:45 PM)
  • Ticket Price: $12.00
  • Door Time: 7:45 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over

Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Porcelain Hill

    Porcelain Hill

    Porcelain Hill is a high energy Indie Blues Rock and Roll band that perfectly blends blues, soul, and funk! It's music that plays to a crowd LIVE, and tantalizes a recorded track. Heavy guitar riffs, and thunderous drums collide with melodic bass lines creating music you don't listen to, but music you feel. Formed in 2012 out of Ontario CA when guitarist Darnell "Big D" Cole met Nat "Wildfire" Campos the Rock duo performed as a two piece but felt like something was missing, after an open mic they met Jacob Lucero, the youngest of the three, hence earning the moniker "The Kidd", and his skill proved to be beyond his years. After a single practice, the trio and Porcelain Hill was solidified.

  • Late Night Union

    Late Night Union

    Late Night Union is a heavy blues-rock maelstrom sounding like a mix of Soundgarden, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Black Sabbath.  The band was formed in Orange County, California during the summer of 2015 and found some success with their live shows and recordings:  an invitation to SXSW, a free recording deal with a studio, and licensing deals with MTV, Discovery Network, and NASCAR.  However, due to artistic differences, within only one year the band imploded with the drummer quitting. 
    In 2017 Sean, the guitar-player’s brother, stepped up to play drums and the band was reborn.  The focus is collaborative rock and roll, writing evolution with jaw dropping live performances.  Heavy riffs with positive lyrical messages and musical surprises.  The 2nd album is in production and exceeds the first in every respect. 

  • The Ivories

    The Ivories

    Members of THE IVORIES became friends before forming their band due to their mutual love of surf rock, funk, and punk music. Led by the songwriting style of Bryan Dawson (Lead singer and bass), THE IVORIES soon became an Indie psychedelic surf punk band, still displaying these elements.
    With visual lyrics and a high energy live performance, THE IVORIES can get any and all types of audiences in the mood to groove. A good way to describe THE IVORIES would be if Kurt Cobain and Paul McCartney had a baby and they were raised by The Talking Head’s grooves.

  • Thee Invention

    Thee Invention

    Thee invention consists of the three known elements of the primal spectrum dirt, electricity, and thunder otherwise known as heart,skull,and bones. After a failed attempt at bieng the worlds greatest superhero fighting team, they realized their true strengths lied in bashing on drums and guitars rather then criminals. Since then Eddie, Mike, and Anthony have been zapping circuits in spectacular fashion by crossing their wires with the ed sullivan show and the loud fuzz of lost reception.

  • Protocol


    Protocol is a modern synth-rock group from L.A. Inspired by similar taste in music. Miguel and Omar began collaborating in 2014. Took 3yrs to develop, craft & shape an original sound and concept.
    In late 2017 Protocol began playing live shows. Projecting their vision of romance and existentialism with thought provoking  lyrics  and a pulse driven performance. The songs are  accompanied by deep rhythms, luscious compositions and an intuitive precision live.
    1st album "Prototypes " to be released 03/18.

Set Times:
  • 08:15 PM - Late Night Union
  • 09:00 PM - The Ivories
  • 09:45 PM - Thee Invention
  • 10:35 PM - Porcelain Hill
  • 11:45 PM - Protocol

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