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Kylaido / A Horse A Spoon A Bucket / Dingo Down / Tight Rope Sky

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Kylaido / A Horse A Spoon A Bucket / Dingo Down / Tight Rope Sky
Sunday, July 9, 2017 7:15 PM
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 21 & over
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Advance ticket sales have ended. More tickets will be sold when doors open. Cash sales only.
Show Details
  • Ticket Price: $6.00
  • Door Time: 6:45 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Kylaido


    Kylaido (kuh-lie-doe) is a genre bending indie-electronic band based out of Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2015, the trio have been writing and recording together to develop a sound that is completely their own; taking cues from soul, trip hop, rock, and dream pop.
    Singer Shannon Swartz’s soulful voice and raw lyrics flow beautifully over the dark, broody beat produced by Ben Coflan, and Alec Lingiewicz’s haunting guitar lines.
    Kylaido released their first single “Ebb + Flow” in 2016, and it was featured in a collaboration with artist Jody Steel for her body art video “Body Image”.
    Since then, Kylaido has been hard at work on their debut EP Heavy Highs, now available on all major retailers and streaming services.

  • Tight Rope Sky

    Tight Rope Sky

    Tight Rope Sky is an alternative band from Los Angeles, CA.Bursting onto the scene with their debut release“Strange New World,” the group of four are set out to support their new self-titled follow-up “Tight Rope Sky.” A wide-ranging sound of music pulling from the best of the progressive, post-rock, and indie genres; the band’s approach is both bold andforward thinking.  Songs such as ‘O’ My Virus’ and ‘Jericho’ deliver a catharsis of their aggressive sound while songs like “The Great Return” and “What You Leave Behind” showcase their softer melodic arrangements.
    Their new album “Tight Rope Sky” is available on all streaming platforms including Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes. Listen to the album for free at

  • Dingo Down

    Dingo Down

    Dingo Down on the prowl! We are an LA-based rock n roll crew, formed in 2012 by some Berklee alumni who don't play jazz. With smoldering vocals, powerhouse blues guitar, bottle-breaking drum grooves, and bong rattling bass, Dingo Down will leave your face melted and your pants slightly soiled. We rock little stages, outdoor venues, and giant arenas with aplomb and disdain for boring music.

  • A Horse A Spoon A Bucket

    A Horse A Spoon A Bucket

    A Horse A Spoon A Bucket is an immersive rock and roll experience for dreamers of all ages. 
    A Horse A Spoon A Bucket coveys the myth, legend, culture and customs of the whimsical Magic Baby Island universe through rock and roll, new wave, punk, art-pop, psychedelia and funk music. Taking the stage as costumed characters, A Horse A Spoon A Bucket's live show incorporates audience interaction and immersive world building in order to bring audiences into their surrealist narrative.
    Since its conception in 2013, A Horse A Spoon A Bucket has brought its DIY glam spectacle to audiences in Los Angeles and along the west coast.
    Each member of A Horse A Spoon A Bucket is a character within the Magic Baby Island Universe, featuring the talents of:
    Magic Ian, the magician: vocals, guitar, kazoo
    Dr. Saurus, Ph.D., M.D., N.Y.P.D., P.I., a rough and tumble academic and law enforcement officer: bass, recorder, vocals
    Topsy Turvy Man, an eccentric carnival owner and dancer: guitar, trumpet, slide whistle, vocals
    Albuquerque Herb, a friend of the Gophers: drums, bells, vocals
    Released on May 5, A Horse A Spoon A Bucket's fourth album, "Kick Out the Jams, Little Babies!" embodies the childlike whimsy, earnest nostalgia, DIY punk energy and funkadelic strut characteristic of A Horse A Spoon A Bucket's ethos. Spirited songs about vegetables, gophers, nausea, best friends, parties, counting and the imagination remind listeners of life's magical wonder, often veiled by growing older and modern discontent. "Kick Out the Jams" is a wonky adventure now available on cassette tape, compact disc and online via Bandcamp.

Set Times:
  • 07:15 PM - Tight Rope Sky
  • 08:00 PM - Dingo Down
  • 08:45 PM - A Horse A Spoon A Bucket
  • 09:50 PM - Kylaido

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