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Zookeeper's Palace / Mal / The Lovedrunk / Silver Maps / Seven Day Sleep

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Zookeeper's Palace / Mal / The Lovedrunk / Silver Maps / Seven Day Sleep
Saturday, July 8, 2017 8:45 PM
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 21 & over
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Advance ticket sales have ended. More tickets will be sold when doors open. Cash sales only.
Show Details
  • Ticket Price: $12.00
  • Door Time: 8:15 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • Zookeepers Palace

    Zookeepers Palace

    With an eclectic mix of musicians hailing from across the United States, the sonic realm of Zookeeper’s Palace can best be described as tribal space rock with a progressive edge. Melding a unique yet accessible blend of unearthly guitars, polyrhythmic beats, tasty keyboards, groove-ridden bass lines and infectious vocal harmonies, the ZkP sound is a testament to how they insist on shifting the face of rock. This Los Angeles-based band, known for its visceral live show, bridges a diverse audience with its distinguishing sonic vision. Combining years of musical experience, the members of Zookeeper’s Palace have opened for major recording artists and have many played popular venues around the country.

  • Silver Maps

    Silver Maps

  • The Lovedrunk

    The Lovedrunk

    The LoveDrunk is an electropunk group based out of Los Angeles. The groups neo-synth riffs and driving lyrics culminate in their high energy live show, a fusion of dance rock and punk. Formed by LA native Justin Small (Elixir), the band has a rotating lineup including Rich Brown and Chris Pucher of Flavia the Red, Jojo Ramirez (Normal Activity), Daniel Massey (VSPT) and Andrew Heath of Killing Your Boss. 

  • MAL


    Alternative/Modern Rock/MALrock.

  • Seven Day Sleep

    Seven Day Sleep

    With roots in the US, Turkey and Switzerland the alt hard rock/metal trio, Seven Day Sleep takes an eclectic
    approach to their sound on their forthcoming summer EP release “A Home For Disgusting Fairies”. The EP was recorded at MDDN studios and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer, Evren Goknar (Carole King, SteveVai, The Cult), at Capitol Records.
    Officially forming in June 2016, the three bonded over an aesthetic and sound with influences ranging from
    Evanescence, Marilyn Manson and My Chemical Romance to horror culture and fairy tales. The passionate project was able to bring everyday life experiences such as fears, acceptance, death and love to capture emotions from different spectrums. The now, LA-based band have traveled all over the world for the purpose of creating music and following their dreams. Guitar player, Okan Isik and bassist/keyboardist Can Temz, are originally from Turkey.
    After leaving their successful Turkish Rock band, MODEL, they moved to the USA in 2016 to start Seven Day
    Sleep. Having grown up from Switzerland with an American Father and Chilean mother, vocalist Sofia Ruszczyk moved to the States in 2012 to attend Berklee College of Music. She relocated to Los Angeles in 2015 where she shortly began working for the Madden brothers and joined Seven Day Sleep.
    Their first single off of the EP, “Red Lipstick Murders” was a daring and empowering song that has brought many in the horror and metal community intrigued to hear the rest of the EP. Their second single “A Rose Infested” is expected to bring awareness about suicide prevention with a harsh reality to what could happen if you can’t see past the darkness.
    Stay tuned for more music and show announcements leading up to the release of A Home for Disgusting Fairies, as the three piece prepares to go as international as their roots.

Set Times:
  • 08:45 PM - Silver Maps
  • 09:30 PM - The Lovedrunk
  • 10:15 PM - Zookeepers Palace
  • 11:15 PM - MAL
  • 12:35 AM - Seven Day Sleep

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