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KBH Entertainment Presents: Chasing Desolation / Robot Nature / The Longing / Ten Mile Tounge

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KBH Entertainment Presents: Chasing Desolation / Robot Nature / The Longing / Ten Mile Tounge
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 8:00 PM
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 18 & over
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Show Details
  • Ticket Price: $10.00 - $20.00
  • Door Time: 7:00 PM
  • Restrictions: 18 & over

Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • KBH Entertainment presents

    KBH Entertainment presents

  • The Longing

    The Longing

    The Longing, is an LA-based symphonic metal band whose second CD will be released this fall. The first single, ‘Come On’ from their new CD was chosen as the anthem for International Womens Day 2017 in March and has received tremendous airplay in the UK and 18 countries worldwide. Their first single, WICKED, from their debut CD BLEED debuted at #12 on the National College Charts and earned a UK record of the week.  There’s a divine place, which suspends itself deliciously between distinct musical genres. It’s here that you’ll find The Longing, swimming in their own unique musical sea, which bridges the gap between over-simplistic genre categorization. Transcending expectations of symphonic metal, they hover gloriously over the void between raw progressive metal and rock. Now for 2017, The Longing return with their best work to date, which promises to make an indelible mark on the global music scene. Founded by LA based musician/singer/composer, Laura Bradley, The Longing are a 5-piece band who take a tight hold on raw progressive metal, mix it with a fusion of gritty rock and deliver a uniquely hitting sound. In addition to Laura, the band consists of guitarists John Huldt and Sean Maier, bassist Michael Wallace and drummer, Tom Plumb – all formally trained, seasoned session and touring musicians with numerous high-profile production and engineering credits. 

  • Ten Mile Tounge

    Ten Mile Tounge

    TMT was formed in the summer of 1994 with the chance meeting of vocalist Dean Rutherford and Drummer Joe Styles in a mens room of a nightclub. Dean said to Joe I’m starting a band and you look like a drummer. They struck a strong musical bond and very soon adding two guitarist and Bass they launched and TMT was born! Recording self titled cd TMT and going threw several guitar and bass players. In late 2000 Mark Anderson saw the band live and soon after joined on lead guitar along with Sammy Wilson rhythm guitar and Mike Boyd replacing bassist Joel Churchill on bass and recorded a 12 song package to be called "TMT Lapsus Lingua" but shortly after finishing the recordings Sam and Mark decided to leave the band and the recordings were shelved and the band went dormant for 17 years! But In 2016 Mark returned back to H.B. Cal. And Dean, Joe and Mark reunited to find a second guitarist and bassist resurrect TMT and the 12 recorded songs they previously recorded.
    They soon added X TMT lead guitarist Dominic Chapman for a duel ax attack and Bassist Igor Guzey to complete and solidify the brand new line up! It was like we never stopped exclaimed Dean! And Mark and Dominic play together better than any other guitarist from the past! Igor a classically trained pianist and well versed bassist with Joe’s drumming makes this new version of TMT like a machine! And Dean's passionate and melodic yet explosive vocals makes this band unstoppable! A must see live!

  • Chasing Desolation

    Chasing Desolation

    Chasing Desolation was formed by guitarist Jimmy Strimpel (circa 2008) with local friends and musicians in San Jose, CA before he had even reached high school. He met singer and drummer Seth Perez, who took over as lead vocalist. Despite their young age, the material the duo had recorded showcased their talent and dedication to writing meaningful and musically interesting songs. In 2016, the band introduced bassist Austin Dunn to the group and relocated to Los Angeles. In 2017, they've added two additional members ; Mike Mayhem (drums), and Vahan Aslanyan (guitar). Chasing Desolation delivers edgy, gritty vocals to a hard rock/metal sound, but surprises the listener with seamless harmonies and melodies. They are a force to be reckoned with!

  • Robot Nature

    Robot Nature

    Robot Nature formed on January 1st, 2017, when singer and multi-instrumentalist DPAK was introduced to Richard Parizer, Michael Sklena, and Jesse Shadis, of their former band, End of Ever.  An eclectic synthesis of modern electronic, noir pop, and infectious synth-rock elements blends pulsing violins and haunting melodies, fused with electronic soundscapes and grooving rhythms to create the signature Robot Nature sound.  Influences include Muse, 21 Pilots, Radiohead, One Republic, The Weeknd, and Ed Sheeran.  They are currently recording their first EP at Universal Polymath Productions in Malibu, and are booking for tours, festivals, and opening spots with other complementary artists and bands.

Set Times:
  • 07:00 PM - KBH Entertainment presents
  • 08:00 PM - The Longing
  • 08:40 PM - Ten Mile Tounge
  • 09:30 PM - Chasing Desolation
  • 10:00 PM - Robot Nature

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