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The Red Paintings / Cave Clove / The Draw / Kitty Kitty Judah

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The Red Paintings / Cave Clove / The Draw / Kitty Kitty Judah
Sunday, January 11, 2015 7:15 PM
The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 21 & over
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Show Details
  • Ticket Price: $10.00 - $12.00
  • Door Time: 6:30 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
Performing Artists (Click on Artist for Reviews and Previews)
  • The Red Paintings

    The Red Paintings

    Based in Australia and Los Angeles – and having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe – The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, bass, drums, cello & violin) who incorporate additional orchestral, choral and performance art features wherever possible. With costumes, themes, painters and other artists their shows combine sound and visuals to create a living canvas that stimulates the senses and minds of the audience. A true and unique art experience. The Red Paintings’ sound evokes everything from child-like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative-rock numbers. They are sometimes compared to multi-faceted acts like Radiohead, Muse, and The Arcade Fire, and their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, and beyond.

  • Cave Clove

    Cave Clove

    Cave Clove is a psych folk pop quartet with roots in Americana, jazz and rock&roll. A wash of soul, doo-wop and tight orchestration create the Cave Clove mood, which alternates between a folk rock sound and bohemian jazz aesthetic filled with smoky vocals and atmospheric rhythms. With overtones of pop, reggae and R&B, Cave Clovetakes niche genres and integrates them into the band’s signature sultry tension, with big sound closing in around Americana-influenced melodies. Following 2013 EP Bases of Pyramids, Cave Clove’s full length is due out spring of 2015, full of psychedelic folk feel and lyrics that reflect the band’s grounded whimsy.Cave Clove has earned accolades from the East Bay Express and Bay Bridged since starting in 2013, and the quartet has been called a unique and stellar addition to the evolving genre of Americana (East Bay Express).

  • Kitty Kitty Judah

    Kitty Kitty Judah

  • The Draw

    The Draw

    The Draw is a Los Angeles based folk rock band made up of Julie Lavery(Vocals), Spencer Broschard(Vocals & Guitar), Vito Gutilla(Violin), Eric Kalver (Drums) and Paul Jones (Bass). The band started with Lavery and Broschard (The Babes) playing small venues and open mics with a few originals songs. When their music started catching peoples attention they knew they wanted to expand the band and get the sound they were envisioning. A violin was a must have, but also a difficult instrument to come by, especially in LA. So after searching endlessly with no luck they decided to try a more modern approach and looked to craigslist for help. With absolutely no expectation of finding anyone with the chops to be in the band they received a message from Vito Gutilla(Pizza), a violin player moving from Texas to LA. To say the least, they were blown away by his demos and the rest is history. Our next addition was Eric Kalver(the amazing Eric) another Berklee alum. Originally, he approached the band to discuss music publishing, but when he discovered they were without percussion and the band discovered he was a kick ass drummer they quickly recruited him for the band. Their final addition was Paul Jones(ePaul). The Draw was playing a show sans bass, when they heard him playing an impressive set with a hard rock band. They invited him to a jam session and after hearing just how tasty his licks were, they knew he was the right guy. Now with their powers combined they hope to take the world by storm with their eclectic, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head music!

Set Times:
  • 07:15 PM - Kitty Kitty Judah
  • 08:00 PM - The Draw
  • 09:00 PM - Cave Clove
  • 10:00 PM - The Red Paintings

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