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Aquarium Drunkard presents Eric Martinez (of Bloodkin), John Wayne Bro and The Echo & The Sound

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Aquarium Drunkard presents Eric Martinez (of Bloodkin), John Wayne Bro and The Echo & The Sound Saturday, July 20, 2013 09:00 PM The Mint, Los Angeles, CA
  • 21 & over
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  • Ticket Price: $10.00 - $12.00
  • Door Time: 8:00 PM
  • Restrictions: 21 & over
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  • Aquarium Drunkard Presents

    Aquarium Drunkard Presents

  • The Echo and The Sound

    The Echo and The Sound

    THE ECHO AND THE SOUND is a two piece, guitar and drums band, based in Los Angeles, CA. formed in late 2012; BRIAN RICH (guitar/vocals) and DOUGLAS JEWELL (drums) made it very clear early on... "YOU CANT'T KILL US UNLESS WE QUIT." With punk rock overtones, blues-folk undertones, country-esque and gothic cantina styled,  their sound has been described "as if Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard got into a fist fight while drinking in a desert cantina."

  • John Wayne Bro

    John Wayne Bro

    JOHN WAYNE BRO started out with a name. While chasing the dream in Hollywood, Taylor Bro and Sam Levi, future founders of JOHN WAYNE BRO, were working together on a film set discussing music - their true passion. They found common ground in influences ranging from Robert Johnson and Junior Kimbrough, to Dr. Dre's “The Chronic,” and the Parliament Funkadelic. The conversation eventually turned to "good band names." Upon hearing that future drummer Taylor Bro's father's real name was "John Wayne Bro," co-founder Sam Levi knew that they needed to start a band, that day, with that name.

    The boys knew the band’s music had to be as gritty and as Americana as the JOHN WAYNE BRO name, and so they set out on their journey…

    Renting a hot, crowded rehearsal space overlooking downtown Los Angeles to bang out their gritty style of American blues rock, they spent the next year crafting tunes written for the American working man and intent on bringing danger back to rock & roll.

    The music of JOHN WAYNE BRO is a constant homage to the band members’ upbringings and musical influences, with lyrics covering topics of love and loss, hard living, Detroit assembly lines, and murdering bible salesmen. All the while, the underlying funk, hip-hop, and hard rock influences of JOHN WAYNE BRO’s songs always end up enticing stiletto-ed party girls to dance the night away during one of their live shows.

    JOHN WAYNE BRO recorded their debut album completely DIY style - they built a studio in a garage in Long Beach, and mixed, recorded, and played each song as a 2-piece. The resulting full-length album, "Man of the People", was released March 15th, 2011. Following that album on April 3rd, 2012 John Wayne Bro will officially release there new EP "Velociraptor", which is a further a step into the direction which JOHN WAYNE BRO hopes to achieve.

    As drummer, Taylor Bro, explains, "the album sounds as if Howlin’ Wolf, The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys and Tom Waits hopped into a Cadillac and drove 95mph into a head-on collision with MC5 and the Stooges behind the wheel of a Chevy Camaro."

    JOHN WAYNE BRO is now hell bent on being internationally known and locally accepted. They have been playing live in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Long Beach, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and San Francisco, winning over fans one at a time. JOHN WAYNE BRO is finding great success with their newly crafted live show that now includes Justin Charbonnet on guitar & Ryan Anderson on bass. The resulting sounds are truly full and give proper justice to the recorded efforts of "Man of the People" and the newly released EP "Velociraptor".

    You can purchase the albums and find information about shows, video clips, and new songs at You can also follow them on Twitter which is maintained by their namesake, Taylor Bro's father, the Original John Wayne Bro

  • Eric Martinez

    Eric Martinez

    Originally from Rockville, MD, Martinez has lived in Denver, CO, for most of this century. A recent move has brought him to the great white north where he now resides in Minneapolis, MN, and is diving into the heavier end of the rock & roll spectrum. He has been a performing musician and songwriter for over 20 years. While living in the Washington, DC, area, Martinez went on to be a founding member of the rock band CubanStack, which gained a fair amount of regional notoriety in the early 2000s. Since moving to Colorado in 2003 he found his niche in a music scene that thrives on originality and hard work. He played a weekly local gig at Highland Pacific with Tori Pater that had gained much attention for featuring many guest musicians from the Denver music scene as well as the occasional surprise national artist. Martinez also is a founding member of the Denver-based rock band Dyrty Byrds, which also features Tori Pater of Polytoxic and Sam Holt of Outformation.

Set Times:
  • 08:00 PM - Aquarium Drunkard Presents
  • 09:00 PM - The Echo and The Sound
  • 10:00 PM - John Wayne Bro
  • 11:00 PM - Eric Martinez

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