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Tech Specs



3x QSC K Series K12  2 Way Self Powered Speaker Cabinets

1x QSC K Series K12 2 Way Self Powered Speaker Cabinet
1x QSC KW Series K181 Self Powered Subwoofer


6x Eminence Kappa Pro 12A Speakers
6x PSD 2002 HF Drivers
6x 2 Way Apogee Custom Speaker Cabinets
2x Carvin DCM2000 Amps (MF)
1x Apogee SA600 Amp (HF)

1x Custom Speaker Cabinet w/ 2x Carvin 18" Subwoofers (1000W Program)
1x Crown Macro Tech 5000VZ
1x Custom Speaker Cabinet w/ 2x Carvin 18" Subwoofers (1000W Program)
1x QSC RMX4050

Midas Venice 320 (FOH)
Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro (Monitors)

DBX Driverack PA

1x Ashly GQX 3102 (FOH)
1x Ashly GQX 3102 (MON MIX 1 & 2)
1x Ashly MQX 2310 (MON MIX 3 & 4)

3x DBX 166xl
2x DBX 266xl

T.C. Electronics M-One Stereo Effects Unit with Reverb & Delay

1x Sony 5 Disc CD Player
1x JoeCo BBR1 - B 24 Channel Digital Recording Console
1x Optoma PRO260X Projector (Stage)
1x Optoma W303 Projector (Green Room)
1x Chauvet Obey 70 Lighting Board
2x Chauvet Mini Colorstrip LED Bars
2x Chauvet Colorstrip LED Bars
3x Chauvet Colorsplash LED Cans
1x Chauvet Scorpion RG Lazer
1x Chauvet Hurricane Haze / Fog Machine
2x Odyssey Par 20 Cans (disco ball)
2x Odyssey Par 20 Cans (side fills)
1x Optoma W303 Projector (Stage)
1x Optoma PRO160 Projector (Green Room)

6x SM58
2x Beta58
7x SM57
1x Beta52

2x Whirlwind Multidirector
6x Whirlwind IMP 2

18" H x 20' W x 10'6" L


1x DW Design Series Drum Kit (Drummer must bring Snare & Cymbals)
    1x - 8x10" Rack Tom
    1x - 9x12" Rack Tom
    1x - 14x16" Floor Tom
    1x - 18x22" Bass Drum
    2x - DW5000 Series Cymbal Straight/Boom Stands w/ Rack Tom Mounts
    1x - DW5000 Series Cymbal Straight/Boom Stand
    1x - DW5000 Series Hi Hat Stand
    1x - DW5000 Series Snare Stand
    1x - DW5000 Series Kick Pedal
    1x - DW5000 Series Drum Throne
1x SWR Working Pro 700 Bass Amp with SWR Goliath 3 4×10 cab
1x Rivera R55-112 Guitar Amp
1x Fender DeVille 4x10 Guitar Amp
1x SWR California Blonde Acoustic Guitar Amp
1x Roland KC 150 Keyboard Amp
2x Technics 1200 Turntables (no needles / slipmats)
1x Pioneer DJM 2000
1x Gulbransen upright piano

20’ Wide X 10’ 6" Deep X 18" High

Any audio equipment MUST be advanced and cleared with management.
Please direct any gear related or stage production questions to

The Mint can record the video and/or audio of an upcoming performance, please contact mediaLiberated with questions or to book a recording:

Video + Audio Options:
1.  2 camera HD filming + w/Stereo Rec., edited (example here) = $545 
2.  2 camera HD filming + w/Multi-Track Rec., mixed & edited (example here) = $825
3.  4 camera HD filming + w/Multi-Track Rec., mixed & edited (example here) = $1195
4.  RAW Files Only: 2 camera HD filming + w/Multi-Track Rec., unmixed = $650***
5.  RAW Files Only: 2 camera HD filming = $375***
***Artist must provide their own hard drive at time of filming

Audio-Only Options:
1.  Live un-mastered stereo recording from board is $90 (-$15 discount if you supply your own flash drive)
2.  Live un-mixed & un-mastered multitrack recording from board is $350 (-$50 discount if you supply your own flash drive)
3.  Board feed is $50 

Bring/Hire Your Own Camera:

1.  Filming privileges inside the club - $75 per camera
2.  Still photography - no charge
For complete details of our Documentation Packages, including a custom quote, contact mediaLiberated (

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